The Guam International Film Festival proudly presents an international cinema event exhibiting a dynamic source of cross-cultural artistic presence, bridging gaps among the U.S., Asia and the Pacific’s multi-cultural population and region. GIFF is the first and only annual U.S. film festival in the western pacific.



Hafa Adai and Welcome!

For our 10th Anniversary, this year we are proud to partner with PBS Broadcasting’s local Guam affiliate KGTF Television Channel 12 to deliver our stories to a global audience. Due to the COVID-19 government directives regarding the restriction of public gatherings in public places, we are going totally virtual with the 2020 edition of GIFF’s official programming lineup via FREE online streaming and a one-time local television broadcast provided by PBS Guam. This collaboration provides access to specially curated films for our local viewers as well as diaspora abroad. Our past programs have included collaborations with Pixar Animation Studios, Pacific Islanders in Communications, the Guam Pacific Daily News (a Gannett company), Warner Bros. Archive and more.

Building upon its growing success with an abundance of creative talent and worldwide recognition emerging from Asia and the Western Pacific, GIFF aims to unify, celebrate and showcase to the region and the world, the collective experience through the universal medium of film.

GIFF strives to capture the passion and spirit of independent filmmakers and their films.

Community, Education and Entertainment.

Guam International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the growth of cultural understanding through the art of filmmaking. We achieve this by providing free film education, promoting cultural understanding throughout our communities, and assisting in the establishment of a local industry of motion picture. GIFF provides this through community outreach, education through festival workshops and efforts to build awareness for social responsibility through our film programming.

Although Pacific Asia is the core of the Guam International Film Festival, we are proud to showcase international movies from submissions worldwide.



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Simone Efigenia Perez Bollinger, Familian Boñio, is an assistant professor of English at Guam Community College. She credits her love of film to her time living in Mexico, where a mix of old French films and Mexican cinema shaped her ideas of film as art and vehicles of culture. These days she is a mother and a writer, creating children's books in CHamoru and publishing anthologies of local and Pacific literature.



Tressa Cundiff Dela Cruz spent most of her childhood in Italy. She returned to Guam During her adolescence and has since spent much of her time learning what it means to be CHamoru from the definition of family on Guam, to traditions, to CHamoru humor. She taught with the University of Guam's English department for several years and is now an assistant professor of English at the Guam Community College.



Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at University of Hawai’i, Professor Brislin’s broad media career began on Guam. He received his Master of Arts degree and Ph.D in Mass Communications and film at The Ohio State University. His specialty areas include indigenous Film, Media Ethics, international and intercultural Journalism and Mass Communication.

He was twice a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, and has led teaching and research projects at major universities in Japan, China, Paris, and Berlin. Brislin has been a juror for the Hawaii and Shanghai International Film Festivals. He is on the Board of Advisors for Films by Youth Inside, and the editorial boards of the journals Media Ethics and Visual Communication Quarterly.




Gabrielle Kelly teaches screenwriting for the American Film Institute and a former Associate Arts Professor for New York University, Tisch Asia School of the Arts. Gabrielle’s expertise also is rooted in the Board of Directors for the British Academy of Film and Television and Women in Film and Co-Founder of the International Alliance of Women Cinematographers.

She is a Fulbright Scholar Senior Specialist/Media & Communications, screenwriter & producer of feature and indie films, with extensive international indsutry experience including projects with Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Marvel Comics, HBO, CBS Film & Television, Cannes Film Festival and USC School of Cinematic Arts.




Kimberlee Bassford combines her love for storytelling with her background in journalism to bring the underrepresented stories of girls and women to the world. She directed and produced the documentaries WINNING GIRL (2014, The World Channel, Women Make Movies/Java Films), PATSY MINK: AHEAD OF THE MAJORITY (2008, PBS, Women Make Movies) and CHEERLEADER (2003, HBO Family, Documentary Educational Resources) and was a producer on two national PBS documentary series: UNNATURAL CAUSES: IS INEQUALITY MAKING US SICK? (2008) and THE MEANING OF FOOD (2005). She has garnered numerous honors for her work, including film festival audience awards and grand jury prizes, a duPont-Columbia Award, Student Academy Award and CINE Golden Eagles. Her work has been supported by the Sundance Institute, Women in Film Los Angeles, ITVS, Center for Asian American Media, Pacific Islanders in Communications and CPB/PBS. Kimberlee holds a BA in psychology from Harvard University and a Masters in Journalism from the University of California Berkeley. She owns Making Waves Films LLC, a documentary production company in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.






Q. When is the festival?

A. GIFF 2020 will take place online and on local television broadcast in the Fall, in October 2020. We are currently working on getting our schedules finalized for both streaming and television broadcast.


Q. Why GIFF?

A. This year’s submissions are FREE. In a show of appreciation to the global independent filmmaking community who may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to announce that this year’s festival submission fees have been waived. In addition, we’re the cinematic bridge between the U.S. and Asia. Our past festivals include Academy Award, Emmy, Sundance and Cannes Palme d’Or winners that have showcased side-by-side with first-time DIY indie filmmakers. But what all past filmmaker delegates agree to be the most memorable is the fact that our approach is unique, we keep it simple and we respect film. We believe in substance and connection.

Most notably, we’ve partnered with the leader in community television broadcast content – our local PBS affiliate, PBS Guam, to provide FREE streaming online to a global audience in addition to a one-time television broadcast to our local audiences to view here at home.

And if that doesn’t grab you, read this article from the Huffington Post: The Most Interesting Destination in America Or this article from Filmmaker Magazine: Ask Not What Festivals Can Do For You…

Additionally, only a few hours away from major international metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong, Guam has always served as the global gateway to an eclectic mix of professionals from the US, Asia and Pacific rim offering a platform to exchange opportunities in business and entertainment.Our films are screened and judged by filmmakers, television and media professionals from the U.S., Asia/Pacific Asia Region.Top films of the festival will receive honors. One of the most diverse group of nationalities and ethnic communities ever to converge at one film festival.


Q. Does GIFF accept film submissions in any language?

A. Yes. GIFF accepts films in any language. However, all non-English language films must be subtitled in English for both submissions and exhibition if your film is chosen as an Official Selection of GIFF.


Q. Do you have to be Asian or a Pacific Islander to submit a film?

A. Nope. As an international festival, we are proud to present world-class submissions from around the globe. In fact, our official selections and Grand Jury Award recipients have come from Canada, the U.S., Asia, the Middle East, Europe and everywhere in between. Even though our mission is to showcase emerging Asian and Pacific Islander talent, international submissions are at home here at GIFF. Click here to see our complete list of 2020 GIFF Submission Rules and Regulations.


Q. Does my film have to be a world premiere to submit to GIFF?

A. No. Our festival does not require premiere status for submissions.


Q. My film has been released commercially. Is it still eligible to screen at GIFF?

A. Yes. Keep in mind that all films, regardless of their release status, must have the proper rights clearance for exhibition at GIFF.

Q. What if it’s already played on YouTube, Vimeo or anywhere online?

A. Your film will still be eligible for submission but not competition. In addition, if you become an official selection of GIFF 2020, we ask that you refrain from posting your film in its entirety for online public viewing until the festival dates have expired.


Q. Can I submit a rough-cut?

A. GIFF does not accept rough-cuts.


Q. Does my film have to be recent?

A. GIFF 2020 submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2019 to be eligible for competition.


Q. What’s the best way to submit my film?

A. This year, we are offering FREE online submission via FilmFreeway.com. Secure online screeners keep it streamlined for you, our screening committee and our Grand Jury. And…it’s eco-friendly!

Press materials are not needed during the submission phase and are only required by the festival if your film has been chosen as an official selection.


Q. How do I know if you’ve received my submission?

A. GIFF will post the ‘In Consideration’ status on your film via FilmFreeway. This process may take a few days after receipt of your film.


Q. What happens after my film has been submitted to GIFF?

A. Your film will go through our selection process and reviewed by our programming committee. All filmmakers will be notified of selection status.


Q. If I get selected for GIFF 2020, what format do I need to submit for exhibition?

A. Because of the nature of our partnership with PBS Guam, we must exhibit only edited-for-television versions of any films that contain mature content. Click here to see our complete list of 2020 GIFF Submission Rules and Regulations. We know that it may be time-consuming to do so, so we want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Additionally, we’ll need a 2K HD, stereo file, 1080i, 29.97fps, Constant Bitrate of 12Mbps. Preferred delivered codec is Apple ProRes, however, exhibition files using a hi-resolution h.264 compression with AAC audio is also acceptable.


Q. Who should I contact about information for my film in GIFF?

A. Once you are accepted as an Official Selection of GIFF, you will be contacted through your listed information on FilmFreeway. You can also visit our CONTACT PAGE.


Q. Since GIFF is online this year, do I need to buy tickets to watch the films?

A. Not at all. GIFF will be streaming the entire 2020 Official Selection lineup online FREE and for the option of those on Guam with limited internet access, you may watch the lineup on our local PBS affiliate, PBS Guam, KGTF Channel 12.


Q. Are the films rated?

A. Because the films will be streamed and televised by our partners at PBS Guam, the programming will be edited for PBS national television standards. We anticipate many of our films to not yet have a rating by the Motion Picture Association of America and therefore do not have an MPAA rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). Please see each film’s description on their respective pages on this site as they are listed (Mature Content). The GIFF Guide description is a generalized precaution and notates that there may be material in the program not suitable for all ages. The GIFF Guide will help you make informed choices on what suits your movie-loving tastes.


Q. How can I be involved?

A. We are always interested in hearing from people with a strong sense of commitment to join our celebrated volunteer team, “Team GIFF”. For more info on becoming a volunteer Team GIFF member for the 2020 Guam International Film Festival, please CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR VOLUNTEER PAGE.

Q. What if I have questions or need help?

A. We’ll be glad to help. Feel free to contact us on any of our social media channels, or from our CONTACT PAGE.

See you in October!





Founder, Executive Director

Don is an award-winning independent film professional, and along with his brother Kel, has pioneered the independent cinema movement on Guam.



Web + Graphic Design

Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist for over 15 Years working with numerous companies and organizations throughout the South Pacific and United States.

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Production Coordinator

Myracle wears several hats. She is currently the Guam Green Growth Circular Economy Coordinator. But is known as a community/event organizer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, artist, sociologist, and mother to two boys.



Founder, Program Director

An award-winning independent film professional, Kel is also a film and media professor at the University of Guam. Along with his brother Don, he has pioneered the independent cinema movement on Guam and continues to mentor at-risk youth through various scholastic and non-profit organizations.



Social Media

Francis is a content creator and creative director for Boy Wonder Creative with experience in marketing, film production, social media, and graphic design. He enjoys creating everything and anything.